Monday, September 21, 2020

Fishing in Cold weather!!!

As temperatures start to cool with Fall coming we have to remember to be careful when fishing.

 The cold does not prevent fishing, but we need to prepare for it. 

1) Location 

 Picking the right spot is essential. Know what resources are available to you if you are not sure where to go. The Department of Natural Resources in your state should have up to date information for fishing. In Illinois go to: Illinois Department of Natural Resources 

 You can also UltimateBass for information on nationwide fishing.

2. Weather

During the winter the best times for fishing are generally between 10am and 4pm.  Please also be aware that fish will generally feed before a cold front passes.  If you are a good weather tracker then try fishing before a cold front moves in.  You will have a good chance of being happy with catching something!

3) What to wear?

What to wear? This is where also knowing the weather will come in handy.  What works in warm weather will not in the cold.  Additionally, if you are out on the water, consider waterproof boots or shoes and a pair of insulated gloves.  You want to go home without frost bite!!

4) Bait!

If you use lures during spring and summer, you may have a harder time catching a fish during cooler temps.  Consider live bate during the winter than lures.  Lures move way to fast during the colder temps when fish are moving slower.

5) Safety

First, you should always fish with someone.  It helps to have someone to help you if you fall in the water.  Having a life vest is also good. Cold can set in fast and you want to get out of the water as soons as possible in order to warm up if you fall in.  Pack a dry blanket that is protected from splash.  Consider investing in warming items like Hothands to work as hand and foot warmers.

If you have a mobile phone that works on the water, check in with family regularly to let them know you are OK.  It doesn't have to be every min, but if you are going to be out fishing for a number of hours, make sure your family knows you are "ok".

Don't forget to pack some food.  High-energy foods for your trip are great.  Make it food that you can also eat with your gloves on.  Granola bars, pre-made ham and cheese sandwiches, and a thermos of hot coffee, tea, or soup can make a tasty lunch while out on the water.

6) Fun

During this time of a "Pandemic" there are not a great many things that people can for fun.  Fishing is an easy thing to do and you can easily social distance 6 to 13 feet away from general public.  So, just have fun with it, but be considerate of others.  Carry a mask with you to put on if you find you will be walking past others during your fishing trip.