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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Midwest Realities - A Low Thought!

As the pandemic continues we realize as a people that there are going to be harsh times ahead for many.  The economy cannot fail as a nation must survive.  If everyone is locked up in their homes then how do they live?  

Being human isn't about just surviving, it is about living.  Without income, we cannot survive.  The government cannot just keep borrowing money or writing checks to people to keep us alive.  Our income actually funds the government.  If we don't work, the government has no money to help people out.  They may come up with painful long term ways of getting people help, but at what cost?  

Our children and our children's children will be paying for many of the economic mistakes made now out of necessity.  However, if we do not work, in the end it isn't about surviving, it is about living.  We as humans also can suffer mental disorders of the highest level.  Since this pandemic has started, the lock downs have caused increased levels of depression in many people.  In some cases it has become known that this depression has caused death as suicide rates have increased.

If you have a hobby and can do something during your states stay at home orders, stay busy.  Most of all, remember others as well.  Whether it be a phone call, a video call, or just an email, staying in contact with others will help them and help you get through these dark times.  

We all need to remember, no matter the darkness in this world, we are not lone individuals.  Staying in contact with those friends, family, and even co-workers you haven't seen in a while, will help you survive so you can live!

Author: J. Lynn