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Saturday, June 20, 2020

5 Do's for Fishing

1) "BE RESPECTFUL" of people and their space.  In today's society we hear about many dark things including the Corona-Virus (Covid-19).  Where it is difficult to always where a mask, when fishing outdoors, give people their space.  Especially if your are fishing from the side of a bank, being to close to others can risk overlapping of lines.  Plus, it is just respectful not to get to close to others you are not fishing with.

2) "NEVER LITTER" where you fish!  You wouldn't want to crap where you eat.  Throwing crap in the water that doesn't belong there or on the ground where you are fishing is almost the same as crapping where you eat.  Fishing for many helps provide food for their families.  Plus, we have to remember "Mother Earth" is meant for all of us.  If you drop litter around you, pick it up and take it with you until you can safely throw it in a trash container or better yet a "Recycling Bin!" Remember, we only have one planet, so lets make it enjoyable for all of us.

3) "CARE FOR THE FISH" if you can.  Fishing is a great sport.  If you can, catch and release the fish if you do not plan on eating it.  Additionally, only use barb-less hooks if possible when you are fishing, but planning on just releasing what you catch.

4) For trout fishing, never keep any trout over 12 inches in length.  Larger fish help make sure there are more of them for the future since they often have the best reproductive genes.  "BRING A CAMERA" to make sure if you do catch a large one  that you can document it for your records and to show off that big catch to your friends and family.

5) "NEVER GO FISHING ALONE" if you cannot tell someone where you are going.  Fishing may bring with it little potential injury compared to other sports, but there are always possibilities of something not going right whenever you are on the water.  Because of this, always be safe and whenever possible "CARRY A FIRST AID KIT" when ever you are fishing.  You never know when you will need it.  After all, who has never accidentally stuck themselves with a hook or someone else?