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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

CharmYee Realistic Fish Lure


By now, most people that fish have probably seen the cool videos of these realistic looking fishing lures.  They swim like a real minnow.  Their movements are meant to attract fish.  This is my experience with this brand.  After five hours on the water I'll describe how they worked and looked.
For the price of four dollars you can get a package of three.  The segmented design and coloring is attractive as is the packaging.  Immediately I could tell they were sturdy if not a bit heavier than expected. 

Once in the water I immediately noticed the weight was heavy which gave each cast a little more distance.  I was using a ten pound test line so I wasn't worried about it.  The lures, all coming in attractive colors, flowed well and as they approached the shore I noted that the videos didn't disappoint, the lures swam like a real fish.

We got out to one of our favorite spots.  Fishing at Snake Den Hollow in Victoria Illinois is always a nice day as it's a beautifully kept lake.  By an hour in I was starting to feel more comfortable that if I could find the fish, this lure should more than do the trick.  Boy, was I ever mistaken.

Author: J. Ray