Wednesday, November 4, 2020

It is cold, use live bait when ever possible!!!

 Fall has hit, but so many of us during this pandemic are still trying to stay busy even when things are locked down.  This has lead many of us to continue to try to fish when lakes have been lowered and/or the fish have started to move further down in the water because they are now moving slower because of the cold.

Lures are always good, but when going for those fish that generally are on the bottom, it is best to remember to use  live bate when ever possible.  Fish will go more towards live bait during colder days.  They may also go toward bate like chicken livers or cheese bait.  Depending on where you are and what the best fish type it is in your area to catch, do the research to see what is the best live or edible bait to use.  Lures might still be good for those warmer areas, but in my opinion based on experience and research, fish like things they actually can digest more in the colder waters.

Warning though, be careful when looking for live bait.  Many of your seasonal bait suppliers might have live bate still, but they may be dried out or simply just dead.  So always check your bait purchase before buying live bait.

~J. Lynn

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