Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Elections? What about them?

When it comes to the elections in the USA, there is so much dirty dealing going on it seems that many Americans don't know what to think.  It is almost a joke to even think about what the rest of the world is seeing when they hear about the news about US Politicians and who is winning in any given race.  Presidential elections in the United States are also seen as a joke.  

Politicians should be about the American people when being elected in the USA, but it rarely is.  It is as if Democrats and Republicans are doing battle in a "Game of Thrones" style fight for power.  Now that may be not the greatest way to describe our two parties here in the United States, but it is fitting.  No one seems to consider the opinions of the whole of everyone, but instead fights for what in the scheme of things is a joke of their own personal ideology instead of considering the needs of the many.

Moderate thinkers are the ones that get left in the dust by the overwhelming voices from the left or the right.  The thing is no politician can win the election without the moderates.  Then there is the matter of how Politicians use the past against the current society of people they are trying to get vote for them.  The left and right both have used things that might have happened generations ago against the children of today.  They act as if the sins of the father or mother are the sins of the children they bring into the world.  This shouldn't be how things are, but it is.  What can we do about it?

The Moderate voice needs to be heard.  It is going to be in the long run the only thing that will make the United States truly great.  We have to be willing to hear all sides of a matter and be willing to compromise.  Unfortunately the current politician spectrum doesn't allow for it.  With Democrats it is a my way or no way mentality.  Speaker in the House acts as if they do not have to care about what the other side thinks.  It is shameful, but this is also how it is in the Senate in the United States as its speaker doesn't seem to really care what the other side thinks.  I say we need to remove all the old guard that is in government and elect new blood with new ideas with the potential of bringing society together instead of dividing them further.

We need to embrace laws in the United States and remember the events that lead to our nations founding.  We need to remember the past, but not punish the children of today for the sins of their ancestors.  Faith in a future needs to be restored not for one side of the other, but for everyone.  The United States is a "Great Nation" that has room for improvement.  If we do not allow for that evolution of our people in a sane and forward looking manner, we will be a country doomed for war.  

It is time that the citizens of the United States come together remembering the past and looking to the future!!!


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