Monday, January 4, 2021

Covid, Cold, And the time of Year

 It has been a while since I blogged, so I wanted to just discuss the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.


As many of us know there is a Covid-19 vaccine.  There are actually several across the world put out by different companies.  The vaccine is one that I do encourage people to do their research on before getting.  If you are allergic to eggs, shelfish, or have any other significant allergies, it is best to talk with your Doctor before getting the Covid-19 vaccine.  

2020 was a tough year for most of America and the world.  We all want to get the vaccine as it becomes available in our own individual communities, but we need to consider doing it safely.  Running out and just everyone getting it at once may not be the best approach.  As this vaccine was created at an accelerated pace, there are still unknowns.  Even the Flu vaccine when it first came out there were unknowns and many people didn't get it or got it and had bad reactions.  I encourage everyone that can take the vaccine to just talk with their Doctor first before rushing out.  We all want our lives back that this pandemic seems to have taken from us whether we were sick or not.  

2021 is not turning out to be a great year and it has barely begun.  We still have the virus to deal with and we now have the very news worthy mutated strains of the virus.  At least based on current news, the mortality rate of the new strain (B.1.1.7) is not any different that the original Covid-19 strain.  However, it does appear to be as contagious if not more so I suggest, and this is based on my opinion, everyone just continue to wear masks and stay at least 6 to 13 feet away from strangers.  Also, avoid the more trafficked grocery stores if at all possible.

If you can, shop at local grocery stores than the big name ones.  We often depend greatly on stores like Walmart, but the amount of traffic at a big box stores can increase the chance of infection.  If you cannot avoid big box stores like Walmart, consider varying the normal time you might have gone.  These stores often have lull points in the day that decreases the number of active customers.  Let's all try to spread our times out if possible by being aware.  


Stay warm!  Right now it is cold for most Americans in the United States.  If possible, keep your heat at 65 to 68 degrees.  This might seem cold for many, but it will help with your heating bills.  Sweaters and warm clothes can help make up for keeping the thermostat just a little cooler.  If possible, put plastic around your windows.  This will help keep heat from escaping.  Many of us live in older houses and sometimes they can just get a little extra chilly during the colder winter months.  Any extra coverings for the windows, including thicker curtains can help keep the heat in.  

Be kind to your neighbors.  If you are healthy and capable, offer to help older neighbors out when ever possible.  Remember that we may need that help some day for ourselves and the only way that can happen is if we as a community lead by example to help each other out.  This means, if you have an older neighbor, offer to help them shovel their drive after a snow or their side walk.  Such activities will not only be appreciated by your neighbors, but you will get s sense of accomplishment and warm inner feelings for just showing kindness.


Besides cold, we have ended 2020 and are now in 2021.  Have you made a New Years resolution?  There is still time to set goals.  Even simple goals can often change the world around you.

  • Be kinder.
  • Say Please and Thank You.
  • Be respectful of the places you go and the people that work there.
  • Restaurants still need our help during this pandemic.  Order out if possible.
  • Communicate with people.  Whether it be by phone or video conference, many people are alone during these Pandemic times and could use just a friendly voice.
  • Date if you are single.  Start on video dates, phone, and when comfortable plan to meet in person safely.
  • Other goals might include reading a book, losing weight, or learning something new.  These things you might also find will keep your mind active and make you feel better about yourself.
Who ever you worship in your faith, thank them for bringing you into the new year alive.  It sounds silly, but faith can give us strength.  Whether it be through Christ our Lord, Allah, Budda, or other religious leader, just have faith.  Remember though, there is only one race, the Human race that matters in the greater scheme.  The kindness we show one another is what matters no matter what.  Treat others like you would want to be treated.  The "Golden" rule still matters!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

It is cold, use live bait when ever possible!!!

 Fall has hit, but so many of us during this pandemic are still trying to stay busy even when things are locked down.  This has lead many of us to continue to try to fish when lakes have been lowered and/or the fish have started to move further down in the water because they are now moving slower because of the cold.

Lures are always good, but when going for those fish that generally are on the bottom, it is best to remember to use  live bate when ever possible.  Fish will go more towards live bait during colder days.  They may also go toward bate like chicken livers or cheese bait.  Depending on where you are and what the best fish type it is in your area to catch, do the research to see what is the best live or edible bait to use.  Lures might still be good for those warmer areas, but in my opinion based on experience and research, fish like things they actually can digest more in the colder waters.

Warning though, be careful when looking for live bait.  Many of your seasonal bait suppliers might have live bate still, but they may be dried out or simply just dead.  So always check your bait purchase before buying live bait.

~J. Lynn

Elections? What about them?

When it comes to the elections in the USA, there is so much dirty dealing going on it seems that many Americans don't know what to think.  It is almost a joke to even think about what the rest of the world is seeing when they hear about the news about US Politicians and who is winning in any given race.  Presidential elections in the United States are also seen as a joke.  

Politicians should be about the American people when being elected in the USA, but it rarely is.  It is as if Democrats and Republicans are doing battle in a "Game of Thrones" style fight for power.  Now that may be not the greatest way to describe our two parties here in the United States, but it is fitting.  No one seems to consider the opinions of the whole of everyone, but instead fights for what in the scheme of things is a joke of their own personal ideology instead of considering the needs of the many.

Moderate thinkers are the ones that get left in the dust by the overwhelming voices from the left or the right.  The thing is no politician can win the election without the moderates.  Then there is the matter of how Politicians use the past against the current society of people they are trying to get vote for them.  The left and right both have used things that might have happened generations ago against the children of today.  They act as if the sins of the father or mother are the sins of the children they bring into the world.  This shouldn't be how things are, but it is.  What can we do about it?

The Moderate voice needs to be heard.  It is going to be in the long run the only thing that will make the United States truly great.  We have to be willing to hear all sides of a matter and be willing to compromise.  Unfortunately the current politician spectrum doesn't allow for it.  With Democrats it is a my way or no way mentality.  Speaker in the House acts as if they do not have to care about what the other side thinks.  It is shameful, but this is also how it is in the Senate in the United States as its speaker doesn't seem to really care what the other side thinks.  I say we need to remove all the old guard that is in government and elect new blood with new ideas with the potential of bringing society together instead of dividing them further.

We need to embrace laws in the United States and remember the events that lead to our nations founding.  We need to remember the past, but not punish the children of today for the sins of their ancestors.  Faith in a future needs to be restored not for one side of the other, but for everyone.  The United States is a "Great Nation" that has room for improvement.  If we do not allow for that evolution of our people in a sane and forward looking manner, we will be a country doomed for war.  

It is time that the citizens of the United States come together remembering the past and looking to the future!!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

When Ice Fishing, always remember good supplies


Fishing as it gets colder

 Please know that as it gets colder, fishing is still an option.  It is recommended to use "Live" bait when ever possible as it gets colder.  In some areas fishing is going to be easier during day times.  Often between 10am and 4pm fishing should allow you to at least catch something based on my fishing experience.

Be careful when "Ice Fishing" as there are unknowns that can occur.  A break in the ice that is not wanted can cause problems if one falls in that include hypothermia.  Take extra clothes with you, blankets, and warm clothes like thermal pants and long johns are always a recommendation.